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Composting your waste at home.

The European Union has set strict limits on how much organic waste we can put into landfill and as a nation we face hefty fines if we exceed them. Home composting helps to cut down on the amount of garden waste and other organic materials, such as peelings, ending up in landfill. Crushed beneath all the other rubbish and starved of air, they produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, rather than breaking down into compost.

We do all we can to help South Kesteven residents to compost at home; an easy and rewarding way to reduce and reuse garden and kitchen waste.

We work with other district councils and with Lincolnshire County Council to subsidise the cost of home composters. Composters are available through the Get Composting scheme starting from just £19.98 for a 220 litre composter.

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The Recycle Now website provides information and advice on composting and how to use your compost.

Alternatively you can join our Garden Waste Service.