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What to do if a tenant dies

Coping with the death of a friend or relative is never easy and trying to deal with their affairs can be complicated and upsetting. We have put together some information to help you at such a difficult time.

What should I do if a tenant dies?

If you are the next of kin, or acting on behalf of a tenant, please tell us about the tenant's death as soon as possible. You can visit us, phone us, send us an email or write to us - whichever is easiest . You will find our contact details here.

What is the process for ending the tenancy?

We will ask you to fill in a form to officially end the tenancy:

We will need the following details:

If you have a copy of the tenant's death certificate please provide a copy.

When we receive the notice you will be sent an acknowledgement letter confirming a termination date. If you need longer than two weeks to clear the property, please tell us so that we can come to an agreement with you.

What should I do before ending the tenancy?

You will need to move all the tenant's belongings out of the home. In addition, you should also:

What should I do with unwanted furniture?

The property must be left empty and in good condition. If there are any items left in the property we will dispose of them but will charge the tenant's estate for the cost of removal so would therefore be better if you can clear all the furniture. You can contact our waste team on 01476 406080 for information about our Bulky Waste - Having a clear out? We can help! collection services.

Handing in the keys

Keys should be handed in at any of our offices.

When returning keys to our office you should request a receipt from the receptionist. Please keep it safe as it is proof that you have handed in the keys. If you are posting them please use recorded delivery and ensure they are clearly tagged with the property address along with a covering letter, which should include signed confirmation that any good left in the property can be disposed of.

The keys should be returned not later than 12 noon on Monday following the termination date. If you do not return the keys by 12 noon on Monday you will be charged another weeks rent.

How will I know how if there is any rent outstanding?

When we receive the keys to the property you will be sent a final rent statement showing what is outstanding or in credit.

Can a relative take over the tenancy?

If you or someone else was living with the tenant when they died you should refer to our leaflet regarding succession of a tenant; copies of this are available at any of our offices or on our website.