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Ending your council tenancy

From time to time you may want to move from your home, either to another council owned property, a privately rented home or to purchase your own home.

If you want to end your tenancy, you must give us at least four weeks notice, (or two weeks if the tenant had died) in writing and tell us the address you are moving to before you move out.

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When we receive your notice, we will contact you to to make an appointment for someone to meet you at your home to carry out an inspection before you move out.

We will:


You will need to hand your keys in at any of our Customer Service Centres by 12 noon on the day you leave. You should receive a receipt. Any keys which are not returned will be charged for.

Before you leave you will need to:

Showing new tenants around

We may need to show potential new tenants around your home before you leave and may contact you to arrange this. Viewings will be arranged at a time to suit you, and the new tenants will be accompanied with a Lettings Advisor. We appreciate your cooperation in allowing us into your home to do this.