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How is SKDC run?

The Council is one of the largest employers in our area and its staff work side-by-side with 58 democratically-elected councillors.

Political leadership is provided by the Councillors who are elected by residents. Elections are held every four years, the last one being in May 2011. The 58 seats are currently broken down like this:-

We are therefore controlled by the majority - the Conservative Party.

Once elected, the Councillors in turn elect their own Leader who appoints a . The Cabinet is at the heart of the day-to-day decision making process. Major items of policy, such as the setting of the council budget, are decided by all Councillors at the Full Council meeting. Cabinet has a key role in proposing the budget and policy framework to the Council.

To provide professional guidance, execute decisions and deliver services, we are divided into seven service areas, each led by a Head of Service. Steering the Council as a whole is the Chief Executive, supported by three Strategic Directors. View management structure.