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You can view some of our information using a map online to find information such as: Planning Applications, Waste Sites, Council Car Parks .....

Please check the user notes below to help you get the most out of our online maps. We have produced maps that display information on our.  :

Using the maps

The web application is easy to use and should work on most internet browsers. When you open the map you will be presented with the screen divided into 2 sections.

Moving around the map

To move around the map you can :

Zooming in and out of the map

To zoom in and out of the map you can :

Locating an Address

To find an address, enter the address you are searching for (for instance a street name or postcode) and click the search button.  Matches are shown below and selecting an address will move the map to this location.

Finding Out Information

If you select an area on the map that has information, for instance a shaded area representing a planning application, you will see more information being shown.  In some circumstances this will then have links to further information.  As an example on the ward information area, when you click for more information you will see the ward name and councillors and then a link for more information.