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Homelessness advice and support

We assist people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Please see the following pages to find information and advice on how we can help you.

In this article

  1. What is a homelessness application?
  2. Where and when is a homelessness application taken?
  3. What if I do not agree with the decision?
  4. Temporary accommodation
  5. Looking for a home?

Our first priority is to try and prevent people becoming homeless, so it is vital you contact us as early as possible when a housing problem occurs.

Further information is available here:

You can contact our Housing Options team by calling us on 01476 40 60 80 or by visiting one of our council offices.

If you become homeless outside of office hours please contact us on the Emergency Helpline 01476 590044.

When you contact us with a housing problem, one of our Housing Options Advisors will take details of your circumstances. If we are not able to help you from becoming homeless, we will guide you through your housing options.

- Food and drinking water
- Clothes and shoes
- Personal hygiene products
- Essential household items such as beds, chairs and cooking equipment
- One-off support for household heating or lighting payments
- One-off payment of rent or lodging costs if your local housing department cannot help
- Essential travel

* If you need help with furniture, please contact our Housing Options team.

Check out this short video 'Choices' >> highlighting some of the myths surrounding youth homelessness; tries to help prevent young people becoming homeless and guides young people to help and support if they do become homeless.