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Right to Buy

If you are a secure tenant, you may have the right to buy your home from us.

Under the Right to Buy scheme you may be able to buy your home at a price lower than the full market value. You may be entitled to a discount depending on the length of time you have been a tenant.

Homes which are designated specifically for those over the age of 65 years cannot be bought.

How much will my home cost?

The cost of your home will depend on:

 If you share part of your home with other properties, for example, a stairwell in a block of flats, you will usually have to pay a yearly service charge.

More information on 'Right to Buy' is available on the Direct Gov website, along with application forms. Click here for further information on Right to Buy

Selling your home

If you apply for the Right To Buy from 18 January 2005 onwards and sell within 5 years of buying your home, you will have to repay some of the discount given:

In addition, the amount of discount to be repaid if you sell within 5 years of purchase will be a percentage of the resale value of the property, disregarding the value of any improvements.

After 5 years you can sell without repaying any discount.

Certain sales or transfers are exempt from the requirement to repay discount, for example, transfers between certain family members.

From 18th January 2005, if in advance of your purchase, or within the discount repayment period you enter into an agreement to transfer your property to a third party in the future, then this will trigger repayment of your discount. Discount repayment is triggered from the date you enter into the agreement.

If you have any queries please call us on 01476 40 60 80.