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Local Air Quality

We safeguard the quality of air within the district by monitoring ambient air, inspecting industrial emissions and investigating reports of air pollution incidents from our residents.

We have been monitoring air quality in South Kesteven since 1992. We ensure the air you breathe meets the standards set by the government.

The Environment Act 1995 places a duty on local authorities to assess air quality in relation to government standards and objectives. If air quality is deemed likely to breach these standards, an air quality management area must be declared. We must then produce an action plan, which sets out how the authority can improve air quality, and prevent further breaches of the standards.

Environmental Health Services has undertaken a series of air quality assessments using monitoring equipment and complex computer modelling. We routinely monitor air quality at 30 sites within South Kesteven. In general, our air quality meets government standards.

We have declared an Air Quality Management Area that includes Brook Street, Manthorpe Road,  Wharf Road, High Street and London Road. An Air Quality Action Plan is currently being developed and will be published in due course.

Environmental Permits for Industry

We also have an enforcement duty for controlling emissions to air from industrial processes. In order to ensure industry within South Kesteven area is not polluting the atmosphere we issue a permit to the operator and regularly inspect their premises to make sure they keep within the permit guidelines. We currently have 69 permitted industrial premises.

Industries permitted under part b of the Environmental Permitting (England & Wales) Regulations 2010

Air Quality Complaints

We respond to complaints regarding air pollution issues, such as bonfires and smoke nuisance from industry. Please see our Smoke and odour pollution web page for more information.

What is the air quality like in South Kesteven ?

Please see the Air Quality Update & Assessment report.

The Environment Agency:

The Environment Agency controls emissions to air from large industrial installations. These are known as A1 processes.

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The documents in this section are in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf). You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files which can be downloaded from the Adobe website free of charge.