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Want further information or advice?

Please contact us if you want further information and advice on food safety, food hygiene or starting a food business in the district.

Online enquiry

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Seen something unhygienic or been sold a suspect food item?

The Environmental Health team is responsible for investigating the sale of food that may be contaminated or unsafe to eat and for checking hygiene in food businesses within the district.

If you have a complaint about a food product please place it in a sealed bag, store in a fridge and keep the receipt if you have it and report it to us by using our online enquiry form.

If you have been sold food that you believe is unsafe or if you have witnessed unhygienic food preparation areas or practices you can report this for us to investigate. We will contact you as soon as possible (within 3 working days maximum) and arrange to obtain the suspect food item from you.

Complaints about food, such as foreign body contamination, can take several weeks to investigate. This is because it is often necessary to obtain information from manufacturers and suppliers, and to speak to the local authority where the manufacturers are based. We will keep in touch with you during the investigation.

Please provide as much details as possible including:

The Environmental Health team also investigates notifications, Infectious diseases and food poisoning