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Stray Dogs

We have a contracted Dog Warden Service to deal with many aspects of dog control. If however you are attacked or chased by an aggressive dog please report it directly to the Police.

I have found a stray dog, what do I do?

If you wish to report a stray dog, which is on your premises please do so using the following channels:

Report a stray dog online 

or call 01476 40 60 80 and provide as many details of the dog as possible to our Customer Services Team.

They will instruct the dog warden to contact you within 1 hour and arrange to have the dog collected from you.

Details which we will require include location, type of dog (if possible), description, distinguishing marks, colour, male or female and any collar or tags.

I have lost my dog, what do I do?

If you have lost your dog please call our Customer Services Team on 01476 406080.  To help you, kennelled dogs are shown on the pictures link below.  Please note that although details and photo's are updated regularly during office hours, if your dog is not shown we still advise you to call for the latest update.

If your dog has been picked up by our dog warden, there will be a fee to get the dog released. The Customer Service Advisor will inform you of this fee when you call.

Pictures of Lost Dogs

If you either find a stray, or have lost your dog, and it is outside of our normal working hours, please call our out of hours contact number 01476 590044 for advice.

Other organisations that may have your dog could include:

If all else fails: