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Report a Missed Bin

I want to report a missed bin collection, what do I do?

Report a missed bin online

By phone 01476 40 60 80

By email

We will ask you:

*If the bin/bags were put out at the wrong time, position or with the wrong things in them, we will not return before your next appropriate collection date. If it was put out correctly, and we are at fault, we will come back the next Wednesday or Saturday after you notify us. Please make sure you contact us within 48 hours of when your collection was due as if you report your bin as missed after this time we will not be able to return for it until your next scheduled collection.

Find out your collection day

What we ask of you to ensure we collect your waste correctly

We provide a weekly collection of your waste, with 'landfill' refuse being collected one week and recyclables being collected the following week.  For us to collect, your refuse needs to be out by 7.30am on the day of your collection. Please ensure that your bin/bag is placed at the edge of your property nearest to the roadside.

Black Bins / Pink Bags

If you have bins, the lid must be completely closed. For black bins, we cannot collect any additional 'side waste'. If you have pink bags, please ensure you only use the bags provided to you by us, and that they are securely tied. We will not be able to take away any waste left in other bags.

Silver Bins / Clear Bags

As above, the lid on your bin must be completely closed and any bags securely tied. However, we we will take extra recycling left next your silver bin / clear bags if left in bags (any colour except black bin liners) or boxes.

You should have received an information pack with your bins or bags with information about how to use them. These can be viewed in the Waste & Recycling area of this website, or we can send you a new copy by contacting us.

*If you do not present your bin/bags on time or incorrectly, we cannot come back to empty them or take the bags.