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Claiming housing benefit and council tax support

Benefits and support can be claimed if you or other people living in your home are on low incomes. This includes people who are employed or self-employed. The amount of help you will get will depend on your income, savings, and your personal circumstances.

Council Tax Support

You can claim Council Tax Support if you are liable to pay the council tax bill for the property where you live.

Housing Benefit

You can claim Housing Benefit if you pay rent to a housing association, private landlord or your local council.

Second Adult Rebate

You can claim Second Adult Rebate if you are the only person in your home who is liable to pay council tax, but there is at least one other person aged 18 or over, who is not your partner, and is not a joint tenant. The second adult rebate calculation is based on their income, not yours.

 How can I claim support?

The easiest way to claim Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or Second Adult Rebate is to book a telephone appointment with one of our team. If you bring all of the information we need with you it is usually possible for us to process your claim straight away.

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01476 40 60 80

How much am I entitled to?

You can estimate your benefit entitlement by using our online benefit calculator.

Need more help?

We have selected a range of useful links and leaflets that provide extra information about the help you can get.